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Ten years of hard work, ten years of innovation,


With dreams and glory, passion and sweat, Tianyang trade started from one person, and has developed into a comprehensive enterprise focusing on the export of environmental protection building materials and integrating industry and trade. Looking back, the clear footprints are still vivid.


Part I: Dream innovation


In June 2009, Huangshan Tianyang Trading Co., Ltd. was officially established.


In December 2012, Huangshan Tianchuang environmental protection building materials Co., Ltd. was established.


In December 2016 Huangshan Tianyang Trade Co., Ltd. moved to Yudong building for office.


In 2017, Huangshan Tianxin New Material Technology Co., Ltd. was established.


Part Ⅱ: New dream, new start


In 2018, Huangshan Shennong huifeng herbal bio-farm Co., Ltd. was established.


In 2019, Wuyuan Shennong herbal Biotechnology Co., Ltd.


Establishment of Wuyuan Yuankou herbal planting cooperative.


It marks the company's formal entry into the fields of organic agricultural planting, biotechnology, and deep processing of agricultural products.


Innovation and development is the eternal theme of Tianyang trade. For more than ten years, Tianyang traders have stepped up step by step and blazed their own path of innovation and development.


Looking into the future, in the new historical starting point, opportunities and challenges coexist, dreams and responsibilities coexist. In the new journey, Tianyang traders will rely on environmental protection building materials and modern ecological organic comprehensive agriculture, two industrial and trade complexes, with more firm faith, innovation and realistic spirit, ride the wind and waves, and work together to create a better tomorrow.

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