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Analysis of China's tea industry has five major development patterns

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With the continuous improvement of the domestic economy and the shift of consumer awareness to the concept of culture and health, China's tea industry is gaining momentum and will enter a new stage of development. This has also caused some new changes in the competitive situation. It is very important for the tea industry to grasp this trend.

Shangpu Consulting Food Industry analyst pointed out that the tea market is a relatively fragmented market, a competitive industry, and the industry concentration is relatively low. The trend of the future development of the tea industry will greatly increase the concentration of the industry, and the scale enterprises need to be integrated. From the current competition and development pattern of the tea industry. In the future, competition among domestic tea companies will become more intense. In the future, the tea industry has five major development patterns:

First, 10 years ago, China's tea industry was still in the production stage of small workshops. With the passage of time and the development of the market, the tea industry has developed from simple price and quality competition to competition between products and corporate brands and cultural tastes. Therefore, more and more operators are turning their attention to creating their own brands and improving their cultural taste.

The second is: domestic tea industry management from single store competition, single format competition, to multi-format, chain, group, large-scale competition. The franchise has developed into a normal state in China's tea industry.

The third is: from regional development to domestic development, from small cities to large and medium-sized cities, from the eastern coast to the inland areas; some from large cities to small and medium-sized cities, extending from the west to the east.

4. In recent years, tea has broken through geographical restrictions and achieved widespread publicity throughout the country. The limitations of “having tea, no” in China have gradually been broken.

5. The tea industry is an industry with relatively early reform and opening up. Foreign capital, especially some international enterprises, are constantly pouring into the Chinese tea market. China's tea industry has always faced a strong challenge from foreign tea industry brands. The competition between Chinese and foreign tea companies will be more intense in the future.

According to the “2011-2016 China Tea Crop Planting Market Analysis and Investment Strategy Research Report” published by Shangpu Consulting, the overall development potential of China's tea industry is unlimited, but it also faces enormous competitive pressure. How to break through its own bottlenecks and let the popularity of Chinese tea brands go out and go global, these are the problems that Chinese tea enterprises have to develop in the future business with the brand of Chinese tea industry.
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