Huangshan Grand Planter Herbals&Tea Bio-farm Co.,ltd

Company Profile

  We are committed to the production of natural products of tea and herbs. We make full use of the natural ecological recycling system in our tea and other herbaceous plants, without using fertilizers, pesticides, herbicides and other chemicals to improve the ecology of tea gardens. The nutrition and safety of tea has re-established a natural and harmonious relationship between people and land and agricultural production.

  Our company and partners plant organic tea in thousands of acres of tea gardens in Wuyuan, Huangshan, Enshi, Anshun, Jiande, Fuding, etc., can provide more than 1,000 tons of organic green tea, black tea, white tea, steamed green matcha, oolong tea At the same time, it has passed the EU organic certification, fair trade certification, rainforest certification and so on.

  Our tea and herbal products have a history of many years. Our company is one of the leading producers of organic tea and organic herbal products. We sincerely welcome your attention and choice of our products.